Sunsation Waterproof Brandable Phone Pouch in Clear and Black

PVC & Plastic / Pouch: 21 ( l ) x 10.5 ( w ) x 1.1 ( h ) cm Waterproof Phone Pouch in Clear with Black seal and lanyard.

Keep your phone safe this summer with this clever waterproof phone pouch. When used correctly, the pouch can be submerged underwater without any water getting to your valuables inside. The clear, transparent PVC allows full visibility and touch screen functionality on your phone, while it?s in the pouch.

Lanyard: 40cm ( l ) x 0.8 ( w ) cm
Suitable for phones up to 16.5 x 7.5cm in size
Includes a standard black lanyard

Use Instructions:
Please check the pouch properly for any damage before use, especially the switches and the opening of the pouch
Please follow the instructions on the included leaflet to properly close and seal your waterproof pouch
Please perform a waterproof test (directions on the included leaflet) without any devices inside the pouch the first time you use this pouch, and periodically after several uses
Be sure to check the switches and the pouch after any occasion that they may have been damaged

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